2022 Bmad Development Workshop

401 Physical Sciences Building (Cornell University)

401 Physical Sciences Building

Cornell University


Workshop to discuss the present state of the Bmad simulation toolkit and to talk about and plan future development.

Workshop is in-person only.

Please register if you are interested. There is no registration fee.

Also: There is a Bmad School to be held after the workshop.

2022 Bmad Development Workshop
  • Chang-Ki Min
  • Chris Mayes
  • David Sagan
  • Georg Hoffstaetter
  • Inhyuk Nam
  • J. Scott Berg
  • Jim Crittenden
  • Jonathan Unger
  • Lucy Lin
  • Matthew Signorelli
  • Ningdong Wang
  • Noah Tessema
  • Vadim Popov
  • Vasiliy Morozov
  • Xiaofeng Gu