8 June 2018
University of Chicago
America/Chicago timezone
Symposium Location: 933 East 56th St, University of Chicago Physics Research Center (PRC) Room 201 Hotel: La Quinta Inn & Suites, 4900A S. Lake Shore Drive, Call 773-324-3000, http://www.laquintachicagolakeshore.com/ Symposium Theme: High brightness and high power accelerators for science and industry Particle accelerators are used across an extremely broad range of areas from scientific to industrial, medical and environmental applications. The development of accelerator technology and its applications have been intertwined at a fundamental level. The demands of the applications fuel continuous progress in many branches of accelerator technology while at the same time the unique beam parameters made available by advances and breakthroughs in accelerator science have the potential to unlock novel applications of charged particle beams. A showcase example is the case of the X-ray free electron laser, which is revolutionizing the study of matter on unprecedented length and time scales. In this symposium, we will discuss a range of possible accelerator applications where it is foreseen that the advances in beam parameters and accelerator technology, which are at the core of the Center for Bright Beams research, could enable a revolutionary step forward in our understanding of what is possible in both science and technology.
University of Chicago
PRC 201
933 East 56th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
CBB Symposium 2018 CBB Symposium 2018: Themes and speakers to be finalized. There is no on-site cost for these events, however, we ask that everyone register to gain an accurate count of attendees